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Expat Daily News

Expat Daily News

Introducing Expat Daily News…

Go Further Abroad with Expat Daily News!

As we all know, moving overseas is a massive undertaking – both from a fiscal and an emotional point of view.  The challenges are great, the opportunities are greater – that’s why we do it and that’s why it’s so important to have a strong community around us, supporting us, guiding us and showing us the way forward when perhaps we feel a little lost in our new life overseas.

At Escape Artist we strive to show you the way forward to a new life overseas and we are very proud to support a new addition and a welcome new resource to the expatriate information marketplace, namely Expat Daily News.  Providing a daily updated news based community for expatriates, Expat Daily News should be a top bookmarked site for all expats, international citizens and those actively dreaming of a new life or a new opportunity overseas.

First with daily updates on the cutting edge news and stories that make the expat headlines, Expat Daily News is your support service – what’s more, it’s for expats and it’s written by expats.  It’s also edited by none other than our own Susan Beverley, a well-traveled individual who has lived her life overseas as an expatriate in multiple destinations.  She brings her wealth of personal expat experience as well as her professional credibility as a seasoned Escape Artist editor to bear on Expat Daily News.  Her passion and enthusiasm for living the international lifestyle and getting the very most out of this wonderful world of ours is infectious as you will see when you begin sampling the brilliant stories and reports in this new online resource.

This new site also offers you a weekly newsletter service that’s free to subscribe to, so you can have an overview of the top stories making the expatriate headlines each week.  It is also a daily updated site covering everything you want and need to know about – from overseas employment ideas and opportunities, to international retirement tips, from where to buy bargain real estate investments abroad, to how to ship out and set up a brand new life overseas for example.

Expat Daily News features advice from expatriates for their fellow peers who have equally itchy feet, and it includes success stories as well as in depth case studies to inspire you and even entertain.  The site goes one step further – it covers hot and pithy topics and touches on the controversial as well as the essential – with recent discussions focusing on such issues as having to bribe your way out of trouble for example, and how individuals from different cultures view expats of the opposite sex!

Whether you’re wondering where to relocate to and you want destination tips and ideas, you want to live overseas and find a new job and you want to know who’s recruiting, Expat Daily News is your daily updated support and information service.  It will guide you, inspire you, support you and perhaps even challenge you into turning what are currently just dreams into a reality of a new life or a new investment venture overseas.

Take a look at this excellent new service that’s supported by Escape Artist and subscribe today to the Expat Daily News newsletter – it’s a free resource that makes for essential and compelling reading, bringing the top expatriate related news stories to your inbox once a week for your convenience, entertainment, inspiration and support.

Expat Daily News, taking you further abroad!

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