Roving Capitalist Shares His Secrets of Uncovering Gold Mines

Investing Globally

Roving Capitalist Shares His Secrets of Uncovering Gold Mines in International Equities

Without Borders is a unique monthly publication aimed at intellectual adventurers.  It is written for a select group of men and women interested in learning more about global opportunities they would never encounter anywhere else.  Every month, Without Borders brings its subscribers international and emerging market investment opportunities.  They also bring you amazing and exotic lifestyle opportunities from all corners of the globe.  Their merry band of roving capitalists continuously travel the world looking for ways to broaden horizons and increase the value of subscribers’ investments.  This publication is not for everyone. It is for individualists and intrepid thinkers who want more from a publication than what is on offer from mainstream publications.  By catering only to a select group of like-minded individuals, Without Borders is able to deliver the most interesting and profitable information that they know this group will take advantage of.  They also know that there are many of you out there looking for such a publication.  You may search no longer.

Investing Globally From Wherever You Are

Since inception in 2007 the Without Borders investment portfolio has delivered a 44% annual return.  When the markets melted in 2008 Without Borders subscribers watched their accounts swell.  While they invested in companies operating in over twenty countries, subscribers bought the shares using their existing brokerage accounts.  Almost all of the shares recommended were traded on major exchanges in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand or Australia.  All of the investments were easily traded through any number of online brokerages.  So while they discovered fantastic opportunities in Indonesia, rural China and Chile, subscribers were able to profit just by logging on to their normal online account.

One such opportunity was a tiny cement company called West China Cement.  The company operates, as the name suggests, in Western China where the government is undergoing a massive infrastructure investment program. However, the company is incorporated in the UK and trades on the London Stock Exchange.   One globetrotting analyst at Without Borders discovered the company in the fall of 2007 and alerted subscribers to buy when the shares were trading at 110 pence.  Then as the storm clouds gathered on the horizon they told subscribers to sell their original investment after the share price more than doubled to over 240 pence.  That would be a great gain in and of itself if that was the end of the story.  But fortunately for subscribers it is only the beginning. Since inception, Without Borders had warned about an impending crash.  More than a year before the meltdown they wrote an article entitled Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble in which they wrote:

Emerging market run-ups are being fueled by the trillions of dollars trying to find a temporary home. When that home starts growing mold, the trillions will pack up and head back to civilization (provided capital controls don’t stop them at the border). We have a long list of solid companies with solid management and sound business models that we are watching while we wait for the right opportunity to buy. If we recommend something along the way, it’s because a particular company or security satisfies our comfort level. But right now so few do that we are buying gold and real estate and husbanding cash for the big opportunity. Remember that the key to real success is to be bold when others are timid and timid when others are bold. Today, as we raise our field glasses to survey the investment and speculative battlefield, our helmets are pulled down low and our knees are trembling. We’re not just timid but downright cowardly. Our only boast is that we have the courage to admit it.

Learn More About Chile!

After what seemed like an endless wait the opportunities came roaring back and at the height of the financial crisis the shares of West China Cement plummeted to 60 pence.  Without Borders sent out a special alert to its subscribers to BUY WCC.  Today the shares trade at a whopping 600 pence per share.  Without Borders subscribers sold out of the shares with a nearly 900% profit before the shares hit 600.  They are patiently waiting for the next opportunity.

Naturally, not all of their picks have done so well.  They have had some losers but their tightly disciplined process limits the losses and conservatively allocates capital to prudent speculations and investments. Their biggest loser was a 21% loss on a fund that invested in cattle.

Some of the businesses they invest in are downright boring even if they are located in exotic locales.  A recent pick was a forestry company with holdings in Brazil, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia.  It doesn’t get any less hip or sexy than watching trees grow. That´s ok with Fitzroy McLean, a former soldier, spy and fund manager who is presently the senior editor at Without Borders.  ¨We are not in the investment business to be hip or sexy.  We want to achieve financial independence for ourselves and our community so we can spend our time how we like, where we like and with whom we like.  We believe freedom is the end goal.  The rock stars on Wall Street that earn their fees peddling what´s hot don´t eat their own cooking. We do.  Our service is not for the normal sheeple who are unwitting slaves to their 401k.  It would take a lot more than cool stock picks to give me a shot at being hip or sexy.¨

It’s Not Just Investments

Part of the ethos at Without Borders is to aspire to a life well lived. Subscribers are interested in the whole person- a modern Renaissance Man or woman.  They call their community a global band of Intellectual Adventurers.  Some subscribers may never follow any of the investment advice but rather read Without Borders for the unvarnished insight into the world around them.  The staff at Without Borders travel far and wide and bring subscribers on the ground intelligence they would never get anywhere else.  They have sent back dispatches from exotic locals such as Beirut and Albania where they interviewed mobsters and government ministers.  But it is not only about hostile or exotic locales.  They have also alerted subscribers about great deals on apartments in one of the most historic European cities only an hour from the ski slopes and bank auctions on Mediterranean villas. They have even helped one subscriber sell his retirement villa in Italy to another subscriber who was in the market for a vacation home.  Both were happy with the deal and later wrote that they were gratified to keep it ¨In the Family¨.

Staff members at Without Borders have helped subscribers start up businesses in Africa, South America and Central Asia. They have helped subscribers purchase real estate and establish residency in six countries.  They have hosted get togethers for subscribers on four continents.  They alert subscribers to cultural opportunities and expatriate benefits around the globe.   And that is just the staff.  Members of the community that have met each other or been introduced through Without Borders have invested together, traveled together, received professional referrals from one another and bounced entrepreneurial ideas off of each other with untold frequency.  In short it is so much more than an investment letter.  Jane Simmons a subscriber from Atlanta wrote: ¨The investment advice pays for the  service but the people I have met and the places I’ve been are worth much more than the subscription price.¨   Another subscriber, Tom Danforth an Irish lawyer presently living in Singapore wrote, ¨I’ve done well by following your investment advice but I really read Without Borders for the entertainment value and to vicariously travel the world with interesting people even if I am still chained to my office six days a week.  I like it because it makes me smarter than my partners and prepares me for the life I want to lead once I escape the rat race.¨

A Global Adventure for Fun and Profit

If you are interested in joining this unique community, the publishers have agreed to let Escape From America readers try the service risk free for thirty days and if they choose receive over 30% off the normal subscription price.  Click Here to take a trip around the world each month that comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee.  Finneas Fogg never had such a deal.

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