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A meeting point for like-minded singles

Did you know that almost 8,000 baby boomers reach retirement every single day, and that a significant proportion of us who are in the over 40s-age group are living the single life?  This has led to the media dubbing our new demographic the ‘single boomers,’ and to companies the world over trying to work out what makes us tick in a bid to market to us, court our curiosity and sell us ‘essential’ services.

Interestingly, most companies have missed out on the fact that for anyone over the age of about 40, finding the right travel companion can be an adventure in itself, and that whilst we may be happy living a life alone when we’re in work and surrounded by colleagues, when it comes to our leisure time or our retirement, we’re essentially looking for likeminded friends to share our interests with.

It’s almost ironic that at our age we’re in the fortunate position to have the time and the money to explore the world and have fun, but oftentimes we’re struggling to find potential partners to go on an adventure with.

Does this ring true for you, and have you ever baulked at the thought of paying a single supplement?  Do dinners for one depress you – does the thought of witnessing the wonders of the world alone make you feel just a little bit regretful?  Well, if so you are most certainly not alone in feeling alone!

As stated, the irony really is that just at the point when we are able to jet off and be footloose and fancy free, many of our friends are putting their feet up, (or digging their heels in), and refusing to get the most out of life with us.

So what do we single boomers do?

Do we have to face the fact that we’ll be travelling alone and having adventures and dinners for one for the rest of our lives?

It doesn’t seem fair…

If you’re of a mind to travel and see more of the world, explore the sights and the experiences available abroad but you have no one to share your experiences with, it can be frustrating at best and almost heartbreaking at worst…

…but do NOT despair…

Enter Celia!  Celia faced the above dilemmas herself personally.  What’s more, through talking to her friends and family about her frustrations she realized that she was not alone.  She understood straightaway that it can be impossible to find likeminded travel partners through traditional dating websites for example, and after speaking to her network of friends and her close family she figured out that what many people also want at this stage in our lives is an investment partner to share opportunities abroad with too.

Can you relate to the dilemmas posed?  If so, perhaps you’re looking to buy that perfect condo in the Caribbean and you want to go halves with someone.  You understand that you can each take it in turns to holiday overlooking the azure seas and the white sandy beaches, and that for the rest of the year you can rent out your investment for mutual profit.  But where do you find that investment partner you need?

Or perhaps you want to lie under the stars on a desert island and share the experience with your soul mate…but where on earth can you meet him or her?

Then again, maybe you’d be happy to hook up with a group of friends once in a while just to discover whole new horizons abroad.  But where can you go to meet people looking to share the same adventures as you? is the answer to all our prayers!

After facing obstacles, frustrations and various setbacks along the way, Celia has pursued her dream to create the perfect platform for us all!  She has taken her idea of creating a meeting point for like-minded singles who share a passion for adventure, travel or international investment, and made it into an online reality. is Celia’s creation and it is a place where you join for free, post your profile and your pictures, and meet up in a safe environment with other people just like you.  It couldn’t be more refreshing or simple.

The site is already attracting those looking for companionship, (and even love), and it is acting as a platform where those seeking travel companions or overseas investment partners can share ideas and come up with itineraries for exploration, or plans for investment success.

The factors and character traits that all members of the free-to-join site have in common include the fact that they are 40+ and on the look out for likeminded friends, companions or partners.  All share an interest in adventurous travel, all are seeking to expand their friendship network; and so far members have found everything from deep and lasting friendships to love.  Members have also fulfilled their dreams of travel, exploration and investment together.

Celia’s platform is an open one: she and the site’s members have no hidden agendas which is why it is free to join, and you can begin meeting and chatting to new friends within minutes.  The easy to navigate website makes it highly accessible, and thanks to Celia’s perseverance in getting her idea to fly – you too can now fly off on adventures with your newfound friends!

Whilst others are now following Celia’s example, having realized what a brilliant concept she has come up with, hers is the original and the best meeting point on the Internet for single boomers like us.  It’s the place to sign up for free if you share a passion for travel, you have a love of meeting new like-minded people, and if you want to share your holiday plans, your business proposals or even just your stories about where you’ve recently travelled to abroad.

All Escape from America Magazine readers already share a passion for exploring new horizons, yet whilst reading this magazine can be a passive experience enjoyed alone, joining takes the experience a stage further.  You can now connect in a safe online environment and take your passion for travel to the next level with new friends, new partners and perhaps even a new loved one in your life.

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