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Be ‘The Donald’ of Latin America

Escapeartist has entered into talks with one of the top real estate franchising organizations in the world to assume the master franchise rights and existing franchisee relationships for Latin America.  Do you have what it takes to be a real estate mogul? Would you like to partner with the largest website in the world for international living?

  • Are you ready to Escape from the ‘known and uncertain’ and realize the Escapeartist Dream?
  • Do you have the experience and financial capacity to secure this very unique opportunity?
  • Does traveling the tropics and sharing in this mucho caliente real estate market in the go-go cities of Central and South America excite you? Now you can enter into a real estate franchise in partnership with and be like ‘The Donald’ of Latin America.

If the answer is “Yes,” then read on . . .

Escapeartist is now seeking qualified investor/operators who would like to leverage the impact of our powerful website to establish 200+ franchises in the Central and South American markets.  Escapeartist’s sales and operations staff will be engaged to assume the operational support of the existing franchises to help with the sales and implementation of new franchises.  Escapeartist will contribute its massive search engine footprint with millions of visitors and hundreds of thousands of EscapeFromAmericaMagazine subscribers to the partnership to ensure the success of this global venture.

Owning a master franchise in the emerging growth countries of Central and South America and having the global footprint of Escapeartist kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? Millions of people visit Escapeartist every month looking for an opportunity or vehicle to enable them to sustain their lifestyles and incomes when they move overseas. A real estate franchise from one of the major players in the real estate industry shortens the success cycle from years to months.

How does Escapeartist’s website ranking stack up against the major US brands in terms of worldwide ranking? See for yourself, we are a player!

Company  – US Ranking – Worldwide Ranking – Source

Remax – 2,458 –  9,710 –

Century 21  – 2,904 – 12,758  –

Escapeartist – 8,573 – 15,190 –

Coldwell Banker – 3,621 – 19,710  –

ERA Realty – 23,024 –  94,240 –

Surprised? Over 20 million people visit Escapeartist each year looking for travel destinations, real estate, jobs, rentals and many are looking for a way to realize the ‘Escapeartist Dream.’ Here is some additional information about Escapeartist that you may not know about our rankings Click here to be #1

Qualified candidates must meet these requirements for consideration:

  • A successful track record in business and personal history that will meet the application guideline of the franchisor.
  • A total financial commitment of $500,000 in the form of cash or credit.
  • A desire to partner with the largest website in the world for international living.
  • The willingness to live and travel the Latin American markets.

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity in Partnership with Escapeartist, please provide us with your information in the form below:

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  1. moon iheagwawam July 18, 2011 at 10:23 am

    i can be reached on 234 80 62351515 because i have a 20 block of flats of 2 bedrooms each for sell.

    location abuja-nigeria.

    it is a vegin house. pave locks all through the compound. if you are interested in doing /selling this house ,kindly contact me so that i can send the picture of the house for you to see.

    thanks and God bless.

    moon iheagwam

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