Affordable Living in the South Seas

Fiji is Paradise Found

About 20 years ago I began my search for an island paradise that would allow me a life style that included safety, stunning natural beauty and a low cost of living. I was living in Hawaii at the time and have to say that the lifestyle there was pretty good – if you had lots of money and did not mind the crowds, and with 7 million visitors a year, I mean crowds.

My search was motivated by many things – global overcrowding, geopolitics, the lack of future resources like fuel, water and food in densely populated places and cities, the declining quality of life and what I felt was an ever-more obtrusive government that simply did not seem to have me or my children’s interest in mind. So I went and looked for the most likely place to suit my need. And I looked for several years.

At the end of that journey I arrived in the Fiji Islands, which are now my home of choice. Not only was it easy to obtain residency (an investment in land of $50,000 will get you full time residency), but property prices are still well below other tropical destinations, and the main language is English, which is taught in all the schools. This is a major benefit as language difficulties are a huge issue in many destinations, especially for those looking to settle down, or possibly even start a business. A former British colony, Fiji in many forms retains a British character while being an absolute nature lover’s paradise.

At the time, I was also elated that I could purchase property as a foreigner with only 10% investment, impossible in most other tropical destinations. So I bought 2 adjacent lots on a lush hillside with beautiful views, about 5 minutes walk from the beach, went back to work in the US, and began planning my exit.

Fiji Real Estate For Sale By Owner

About the Fiji Islands

Bula… and welcome our Fiji Islands! Some 330 sunny, unspoiled, magical and exotic islands. A thousand miles of white sandy beaches. Fabulous coral gardens and azure lagoons. Unlimited sports and recreation, and a perfect place to live, retire, invest or escape and unwind. Fiji is the friendliest place on earth, providing a type of hospitality that is all but forgotten in most parts of the world.

Fiji is right on the 180th Meridian making us the first country to enter every new day, and here time slows down, so the rest of the world can catch up. Our islands are about 19 degrees south of the equator which provides warm tropical climate year round.

Only 9% of all land in Fiji is freehold and is available for purchase. We have freehold titles available for immediate settlement. Banks here in Fiji offer 4-5% interest on your money, and you can easily live on much less than in most other places.

We Are Fiji Real Estate

Today I work for the Taveuni Development Company (Fiji Real Estate), Fiji’s longest standing and most successful Land Development Company. It’s the same company that 12 years ago I bought my first property from, and that I decided to join when the offer came about. So now it is part of my job to make sure that investors from overseas have a smooth journey; find what they are looking for, and to share my experiences with them, the good ones along with the challenging ones.

Our company provides a lot more than real estate – we help with travel, immigration, property tours, business licenses and much more. We have sold over 1000 properties in the last few years to overseas investors, making our developments the most successful ones in the Fiji Islands. Our properties have all weather access roads. Lot sizes are from ½ to 2 acres to provide for privacy, and some have power and phone to the lot. Lots are cut to provide maximum views. Lot owners may enjoy nearby resorts or in some cases a clubhouse, pool and other amenities, and property rental service are available through our company. Our central office makes available mail and communication services.

Nearby resorts offer water sports, dining, fishing and cultural activities. You may build at any time, and we can assist with contacts for builders, permits and much more.

Vendor finance is available for lots at 10% with easy terms putting the dream of real estate ownership in your hands. We will pick you up from the airport and we assist with your travel arrangements to view our developments.

Koro Island

I lost my heart to Koro Island (, a 3 by 5 mile island that abounds with sandy white beaches, smiling locals and tropical splendor. For under $35,000 US you can buy an acre of freehold land here, and labor and building materials are available as well. A timber home with 2 bedrooms can cost as little as US$60,000, a cottage as little as $25,000. A small airport and roll-on, roll-off ferry support island logistics, and small stores are on the island, along with abundant organic gardens and an ocean full of fish. A fuel plant produces fuel from Coconuts, and homes run on solar plants and with water catchment. An expat community of Australians, Americans and New Zealanders live on the Island in harmony with nature and the local Fijians, and has so far built some 50 homes. 2 small resorts complement the island, Internet is available and the cost of living is amazingly low. Koro is the most fertile island in the Fiji group and deserves its slogan “the way the world should be”. About 60 lots are still for sale at 10% down, along with a few homes as well. Learn more about affordable island living on Koro Island at and join our international community at

Check out a young couple from Arizona finding their dream home on Koro Island here –

Maui Bay Estates

Another great option for those who want to combine island life with the ability to go and visit a city or town nearby, Maui Bay Estates on the famous Coral Coast of Viti Levu ( offers a great opportunity to do just that. White sandy beachfront lots with stunning homes line the Pacific, and many beautiful hillside lots are available from US$60,000. Power is available to each lot. A beachfront club house, pool and overwater pier with pagoda offer lots to do for owners, who enjoy deep sea fishing, surfing, diving and many other water sports. Restaurants and golf are located close by, and a town with an open market is about 20 minutes drive away. The demand for vacation rentals is high and owners who rent out their homes are booked all the time. Maui Bay was featured twice in Househunters International as a prime real estate destination in Fiji. Watch the episodes here –

There are also other developments on various islands, simply something for everyone. Waidroka Estates for the surfers, Coconuts Estates for Sailboat lovers and cruisers. Simply contact me and we can go through them to find your spot.

Fact is, we have no idea what will happen within our lifetime, but all predictions that are out there are quite dire, and we can be certain that our respective governments are not going to do much for the little guy.

There is the option to do nothing, or to actively secure an escape route to a place that is safe, fertile and out of the path of major global conflicts, with ample room and friendly locals. The Fiji Islands is that destination, and more and more people are beginning to develop an exit strategy. Large scale changes in the way we live are no longer just a possibility, but are increasingly becoming a certainty. You can decide if you want to preempt these coming changes by being ready, and in a place that will sustain you and your family.

Email me for our “Introduction to Fiji Guide” and more information on the various developments we offer in Fiji, and see which one would fit your desired lifestyle.

To receive immediate information on availability of lots and pricing information click here.

Sincerely, Joe Soecker (*mobile (679) 9928111 in Fiji

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About the Taveuni Development Company (TDC)

Taveuni Development Company (Fiji Real Estate) was established in 1989 to provide professional service to overseas investors interested in Fiji Island property. All our properties are freehold and we have titles available for immediate settlement.

Additional numbers:
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UNITED STATES Toll Free: DIAL 1-888-254-3454
AUSTRALIA : DIAL 1800144540
NEW ZEALAND: DIAL 0800449918UNITED KINGDOM Toll-free : DIAL 08000320928


  1. Tom Morrison November 24, 2010 at 9:44 am

    The writer of this article about Fiji mentions that he left Maui to find an untroubled, less touristed paradise. A commendable desire. The only problem is that he seems to be doing hisbest to ensure that his new island paradise will resemble the place he left. Real estate development, tourist attraction, publicising cheap living and so on – all efforts to make the new an improved mirror image of the old. Obviously an emigrant must make a living, and the writer no doubt would present that as a raison d’etre.
    The only solution then is that anyone seeking to emulate this paradise seeker will be well advised to plan for serial migration. He will almost certainly become a leading indicator to populated formerly lightly known paradises. Perhaps there is a window of opportunity where we can enjoy the new and beautiful until we have converted it to the old and exploited.
    Who wrote “I have seen the enemy and he is me”? It may be the observation we will all have to make as we seek greener fields which we will inexorably convert to the pastures we left behind. Like serial monogamists, we convert each bride to the one to whom we now send alimony checks. Alas.

  2. A.B.Siddique November 25, 2010 at 11:05 pm

    Dezspite the good pictures, I also understand that the law & order situation is not so good at the moment. Because one of my buyer for shopping bag has been robbed & beaten recently. He said that the Lw & order situation still not very good at the moment. May be forsigner may face such problems because of that.Thanks,

  3. John Donohoe November 27, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    Please send me information about Fiji, and buying real estate there, DVD, etc. My address is:

    John P. Donohoe
    382 Roundhouae Creek Rd
    Trinidad, Ca 95570-9676

  4. Eric November 28, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    Caveat: Although freehold title can be purchased by foreigners, such ownership rights apply to only 9% of the land area of Fiji. Over 80% of the land is held in Native Title and can NEVER be legally sold. You have to be very careful in your land purchase, because Fiji as yet has no law governing real estate scams and no recourse for the cheated purchaser.

  5. mercedes d’adderio December 5, 2010 at 9:49 pm


    As you will see, if you visit my website, I am an artist, and I romance the fantasy of installing in a place such as Fiji. The point is that I still live from my art, which is very difficult everywhere. What possibilities you think are there for a classical artist? I thank you in advance for your response.

    Mercedes D’Adderio

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