Bali: The Ultimate Spiritual Expatriation

Explore the Depths of Your Soul

A famous philosopher of the 20th Century, Jiddu Krishnamurti once said, “If you are aware that you are aware, you are not aware.” The perplexity of the modern age leaves many searching for personal transformation and awakening experiences to arouse them from their internal slumber, occasional numbness and disparity about the uncertain future of the world today. But, the punch line is that is if ultimate freedom becomes an individual’s ambition, then our very culture tells us that the appetite for attaining the goal of freedom and enlightenment will never be reached and becomes a bottomless pit for ‘give me more-more-more-NOW.’

For 15 years, EscapeArtist has offered readers the opportunity to move ‘from’ and ‘to’ a location and a state of mind, and we have introduced many opportunities for greater freedom to experience life with new vision and find the EscapeArtist dream for themselves. We know, personally, people who have glimpsed nirvana from the decks of their sea-worthy yachts, or from the front steps of their villas in exotic locations and those who have escaped their repressions (real and imagined) to find peace in the bliss of travel, exploration, power, personal knowledge, learning something new, being in the arms of someone they love, and of course, through the great elixir of monetary success. There is no doubt that surrender and gratitude are all powerful drivers that move people to find the pearls of great price: Joy and peace.

As simple pin-pricks have burst the personas of many ancient and modern-day prophets as well as religious and spiritual leaders and in their place, found mere-humans hiding behind the masks of many of them, it’s still hard to argue with the powerful effect their influence has had on society as a whole. After all, if you’re struggling to find relief from pain and suffering, even a simple reed on a riverbank will suffice if you’re floating down a raging river.

Adopting the awareness that life is a series of opportunities and choices to stay alert and awake seems like a harsh lesson in light of so much pain in the world. After all, with so much poverty and disease in the world, what can a single individual do except protect themselves from the reality of the fact that one billion people do not even have access to clean drinking water or educational opportunities? Many think, “I’ll leave that to governments to sort out. Or, the United Nation. Or, the Red Cross. I can’t think about it. Too upsetting.” And so, we soldier on, fighting our own battles closer to home, doing what we can to stay centered with routine, responsibility, and entertainment to give us purpose and find meaning and hopefully experience good health, love and a good night’s sleep. But wait, is there more to life?

“How can one remain awake and alert to the world around them even in the face of pain and suffering and still find joy and peace?” That is the question that deserves addressing because that is the journey we all take, by choice, every day of our lives.

On a personal note, I am a US expat living in Latin America. I wake up every morning to the sounds of exotic jungle birds in my tropical beach paradise and I smile to myself even before I open my eyes because I no longer have the drive to ‘search’ for more; and after a lifetime of searching . . .

  • I’m present, awake and alert
  • My standard of living is higher now than it’s ever been and my expectations are lower
  • My needs are far more simplified now and my pleasures are amplified
  • My incessant consumerism has virtually evaporated because all my needs are met and I don’t need a ‘thing’ to fill the void
  • I see the truth of most situations and people much faster than I have in the past and the confusion is gone.

Living in a ‘foreign’ country is NOT a new experience for me. I’ve traveled to over 45 countries and lived in six countries in my lifetime and I’ve seen much of the world from the back of limousines and from the comfortable leather seats of Lear Jets. Obviously, I’m not a new kid on the block of expatriation. I’ve asked myself many times, “Why here? Why now? Why couldn’t I have found this joy in other places and other times in my life?” The answers to these ponderous thoughts could be bottled and sold at inflated prices, but since all our paths take us all down different roads, I’m quite sure my answers would not be heard or understood by anyone. But what I do know that can be told and perhaps understood by others is that in the face of my own personal life experiences, I have not turned a blind eye to the violence of the world, or the suffering, or the loneliness that permeates the human soul – including my own. I have stared it down without flinching, and in that process, I have come to know and understand myself. I have not ‘gone placidly among the noise and haste,’ nor have I built a grand monument to memorialize what I have found on my own personal journey. I have, however, claimed joy in the quiet of my days, and I can now see it in the eyes of others and that is my own transformation.

Walking among us are healers, guides, gurus, patient and gracious souls. There are many good people in the world with crystal visions of whom we are and who we can be. I believe that. Because of charlatans and false prophets in modern life, people have turned a blind-eye to those around us who can actually hasten our growth through true mentoring and leadership and introduce us to our own joy.

I write this to introduce you to a person of clarity of vision and purpose, Kute Blackson. He has spoken to audiences in major corporations, and conferences, on four continents, from 10 to 10,000 people, sharing a message of love, inspiration, and empowerment. He has spent his life ‘uncoaching’ people to help them break through their limitations and awaken them to the beauty around them.

He is announcing a sacred trip of personal transformation to the beautiful country of Bali in a trip he has labeled Boundless Bliss. This unique 11-day, transformational, experiential, immersion, seminar training without walls, uses the beauty of Bali as the backdrop. This is an intensive participatory experiential immersion journey that will transform your life, unlock your true potential, and catapult you into living the life you were born to live. It will be unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Kute Blackson is taking 22 committed leaders on a thrilling adventure through the heart of Bali, showing you the Bali that most tourists will never see. This is not the Bali you will find in a guide-book. He has created and customized a cutting edge journey, tailored to assist you in breaking through old limitations, accessing your true power, and experiencing a deep bliss and fulfillment in every area of your life.

Will you answer the call? Is it your time to awaken? And, if not, when?

Since space is limited and there is an interview process that you must go through in order to be accepted on this journey. Sign up today to begin your process for joining Kute Blackson on his experience of Boundless Bliss in Bali.

If you are feeling the calling and want immediate information about the Bali Experience please provide us with your information in the form below and we begin journey together:


We will never sell or share your information with anyone. You can opt-out of our list at anytime.

“Live long and prosper . . ..” – Spock



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  1. Anita McKay May 19, 2011 at 10:27 am

    Is awareness about bliss, or is it simply about awareness? Is fulfillment about taking an expensive trip to an exotic location, or is it about learning to be where you are, right now?

  2. Dr. Friedrich Demolsky May 19, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    Dear Phyllis,

    I just read your article “Bali: The Ultimate Spiritual Expatriation” and about Kute Blackson’s journey to Bali named “Boundless Bliss”. Reading this article I asked myself, whether a mutual benefiting cooperation between my wife’s organization “BALISHAMAN – Bali Shamanic Services” and Kute Blackson could enhance the program of his journeys to Bali significantly and therefore be of advantage for both of us and for the participants of Boundless Bliss as well.

    Please let me introduce myself.

    My name is Dr. Friedrich Demolsky and I am married to a Balinese named Ketut Arianik since 14 years. I am from Austria and retired. Before I worked as a judge at an Appeal Court and as a teacher of Law in my country. I am living in Bali since 1995 and my wife comes from a Balinese family which brought forth capable and well-known shamans and healers for generations. In 1999 I encouraged my wife to establish a worldwide unique organization in Bali that offers authentic shamanic services to people in German speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). In the course of these authentic shamanic services, which are organized by BALISHAMAN and provided by Balinese shamanic healers and shamanic trance mediums we have operated very successfully since. We are also offering individual journeys and group journeys to Bali’s shamans, spiritual mediums and healers, doing seminars about shamanism in Bali and make the contacts for healthy and sick people from all around the globe who wish to undergo shamanic healing treatments at a capable traditional healer in Bali. Although we are working together with two travel agencies in Europe and with some private partners who are conducting journeys to our shamans and healers as well, most people find their way to us through our websites. Currently we have about 200 clients p.a. in the whole.

    I am dealing with shamanism and other Para-sciences for more than 40 years now and doing the seminars for our clients who are coming to Bali and the translations at all our shamanic orientated activities.

    Coming back to the outlet, I could imagine, that BALISHAMAN’s program, which has been proofed now for many years, could enhance and improve the also the journeys of Kute Blackson’s to Bali and benefit the participants tremendously.

    Therefore we would like to ask you to pass this response to Kute Blackson. We invite him to come back on this offer to cooperate with BALISHAMAN (and with us) by benefiting through our contacts to practicing shamans in Bali, spiritual- or trance mediums and capable shamanic healers and integrating parts of our well-established, shamanic orientated program into the one of Boundless Bliss as well. In the event Kute replies on this response we could make concrete suggestions which of our authentic shamanic services we consider to be of highest value to the participants and telling him the rates of the services we offer.

    Thank you for your effort!

    Kind regards
    Dr. Friedrich Demolsky & Ketut Arianik

  3. Marian Morgan May 20, 2011 at 2:27 am

    Bali is not a “country”, it is an island, part of Indonesia.

    “He is announcing a sacred trip of personal transformation to the beautiful country of Bali “

  4. Keeley January 24, 2014 at 8:10 am

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