Why Panama – Why Chiriqui – Why Bella Vista Del Mundo?

Panama - magnificent natural beauty

In August, Escape Artist featured numerous articles on the Republic of Panama setting out the benefits of living, working and retiring in Panama. I do not wish to rehash that information but to go one step further and emphasize the benefits of the Province of Chiriqui, the western most province which borders with Costa Rica in the Republic of Panama.

My first encounter with Chiriqui was Thanksgiving in the year 2001, some ten years ago. I had looked at property throughout Costa Rica through the late 90s. Not satisfied with what I saw in Costa Rica and at the advice of a broker in Dominical, Costa Rica, I ventured to Panama. After visiting the areas around Panama City, Colon and the beaches on the bay, I travelled to Pedasi and surrounding areas of the Azuero and further west to the surfer’s beach of Santa Catalina, all of which are beautiful in their own right.

I first became enchanted with the mountains of Chiriqui after exploring the “Archipielogo de Bocas Del Toro,” Isla Bastimentos, Isla Colon, Isla Solarte, Cristobal and Popa. On crossing the mountain range from Bocas Del Toro going to David, Chiriqui, I encountered the Reserva Forestad de Fortuna or the Fortuna National Forest Reserve and the lake from Fortuna’s first major hydroelectric dam high in the mountains which separate Chiriqui and Bocas Del Toro.

I was totally taken aback with the magnificent natural beauty of the mountain range and the lake of Fortuna located on a very accessible highway which connects the Pueblo Chiriqui on the Interamericana (the main highway or Pan American highway which runs east and west through Panama) with Chiriqui Grande located on the Caribbean (Mar Caribe). This area in the mountains is beyond a doubt the most beautiful area that Mother Nature created throughout Panama and Central America included. In that moment I knew this area was the best place for an individual who loved nature, fresh air and a mean temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit year around to live in good health, peace and tranquility. (Photos of the area are available on our website www.bellavistadelmundo.com)

However, in 2001, I was looking at beach front property for development thinking that beach front was the better place to be. I commenced a development in the area of Boca Chica on the Pacific just across from the big island of Boca Brava, Playa Grande Resort and Marina. Playa Grande is by far the most beautiful beach in Chiriqui. However, after having experienced the beach front at Playa Grande and the area of Bella Vista del Mundo, I will take the coolness of the highlands without a doubt when I can drive to the beach within one hour when I choose to lay on the beach and take in the heat.

Just off the coast from Boca Chica is the underwater Parque Nacional Golfo de Chiriqui which encompasses Isla Paridas and Isla Bolanos just a mere 20 minute boat ride out of the port at Boca Chica. Isla Bolanos is by far my favorite island. Bolanos has one of the most beautiful white sand beaches with aqua blue water washing its shores in all of the Pacific that washes the shore of Panama. It is located in the aforementioned national park so it will always remain in its natural state. Boats and guides are available in Boca Chica to take you there and bring you back for a small fee. On arriving at Isla Bolanos, it is your private beach for the day or night should you chose to camp out for the evening due to the fact you and your group will be the only inhabitants!

Digressing, what brought me to Central America in the first place was offshore fishing. Just an hour offshore from the Port of Boca Chica one is ready to drop the lines to troll for big game – Black or Blue Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo and Dorado. Approximately two hours offshore one can fish around Isla Montuosa which is located in the national underwater park of Parque Nacional de Coiba. Record black marlins have been caught in these waters and it is only a two hour boat ride from Boca Chica. In addition to the offshore fishing, the inshore fishing is phenomenal in and around Isla Boca Brava, Isla San Jose and Isla Sevilla or in the esterros just minutes off the coast from Boca Chica. But if you are not a fisherman and enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving the aforementioned two underwater parks have some of the most beautiful live coral reefs that have yet to be explored that you will find anywhere in the Pacific.

However, if one wants to just lay or play on the beach there are beaches such as Las Lajas and Playa La Barqueta accessible by car and many others such as Playa Chiquita, Playa Grande and Isla Bolanos that are accessible by boat. All beaches are owned by the government so if you have access to the same you can enjoy the same.

One of the most thrilling sports available for all ages is white water river rafting. My first experience at going down rapids in the category of IIIs and IVs was in the well known rivers of Costa Rica, most notably the Picuare. However, the white water river rafting in the rivers of Chiriqui are better. Due to the number of rapids on the Rio Chiriqui Viejo which is not far from the border of Costa Rica, on each trip down the river you hardly have time to get over the thrill of the last rapid when you are involved in the next. Guides are available at reasonable prices. Excellent rafting for all to enjoy!

One may ask that all sounds very enticing and exciting but where are the markets, doctors and hospitals. The City of David which is the Chiriqui Province capital and surrounding pueblos have approximately 200,000 in population if not more. The doctors are well trained, some of them having trained in the United States. For example, my wife just underwent plastic surgery around her eyes. The procedure was approximately 80% less cost in Panama compared to the same procedure in the U.S.A. We all know that plastic surgery is not covered by insurance in the states so it is a real plus to have this type of medical treatment available and my wife thinks so as well. I just hope she does not think on this too often!

The hospitals have all the modern technology to treat most all illnesses with the exception of catastrophic illnesses such as cancer. Of course, if the illness is that severe then you have the John Hopkins Hospital in Panama City which is owned and affiliated with John Hopkins Hospital in New York, NY, USA. David has shopping centers with supermarkets that rival the same in the United States as well as clothing and furniture stores that are up to date but with better prices.

Better prices and the reduction in the cost of living is one of the major reasons one should move to Chiriqui. One can live in Chiriqui as compared to the U.S.A. at whatever level one chooses on 40% less income. One can live in Chiriqui for 20% less than one can live in Panama City. Panama City prices have escalated over the past ten years at a much faster pace than any other area of Panama. Personally, Although Panama City is a first class city I would not want to live there due to the congestion and over all city problems. However, I do enjoy visiting the City from time to time as it is only one hour by air from David. Actually, I have lived in cities in the U.S.A. much of my adult life and enough is enough! I want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and live in a place where civilization has yet to ruin the environment with pollution, congestion and regulations.

Bellavista – A Beautiful View

This my friends is the reason why I am currently developing and constructing the residential community, Bella Vista del Mundo, Chiriqui, Republic of Panama and Horizonte Resort Hotel and Spa. Please visit my website www.bellavistadelmundo.com for more information. Bella Vista del Mundo is located just one kilometer off the main highway which I discussed earlier which runs from the Interamericana (Pan American highway) at the Pueblo Chiriqui and goes across the mountain range by the Fortuna Lake to Chiriqui Grande on the Caribbean. Bella Vista del Mundo is just 30 miles going north from Chiriqui and only 36 miles from the City of David on a very good highway.

The trip is getting easier from Panama City to David as the government of Panama has expanded the Aeropuerta Internacional Enrique Malek (airport of the city of David) to take international flights. Copa Airlines in partnership with Continental and TACA Airlines are scheduled to make international flights to David in the near future. This will increase the flow of traffic to David and have a great impact on real estate values by driving them upward in the future similar to what occurred to the northern province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica in the 1990s after the opening of international flights into Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Bella Vista del Mundo is now offering lots for sale at a much reduced below market prices for the area starting at $25.00 per square meter or $2.32 square feet with lots starting at $36,092.00 USD for lot 11 in phase I. Please review the website www.bellavistadelmundo.com under the tab master plan for a review of the size of each lot and the master plan.

Bella Vista del Mundo is now offering 7 different models for construction with the lowest priced model Villa Valencia going for $119,000.00. Valencia has approximately 2,000 square feet with 1,130 square feet of covered space encompassing a carport and back veranda. A price you will find hard to duplicate given the quality of construction. Please review all models on our website under the tab “model homes.”

At Bella Vista del Mundo you are approximately 3,500 feet above sea level. The mean temperature is 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 degrees Celsius. The air is pollution free, fresh as fresh can get. No city noises or congestion no need for air conditioning. Peace and tranquility is the mode of operation. We have the river Esti on our eastern border to the property which has two very large waterfalls along with several small cascades as it descends through our rain forest valley on its way to the mighty Pacific.

The majestic views from almost any lot in our village is magnificent as your view is overlooking the mountainous rain forest and valleys towards the horizon view of the Pacific and the islands that pop up along the coast. You have to see it to appreciate its beauty!

Our village is centrally located to all the attractions set out above. You are only approximately 60 miles from the Port of Boca Chica for offshore or inshore fishing, snorkeling around the islands and the beautiful beaches discussed above. You are only two hours away from the Caribbean and the beautiful island beaches of Bocas Del Toro.

White water river rafting is only a short drive away from the mountain town of Boquete and Rio Chiriqui Viejo which is close to the border of Costa Rica. All of these places are a short distance from our village; and therefore, you can have a day of fun and adventure and then retire back to your home in the peaceful rainforest valley of Bella Vista del Mundo.

In our village the flagship hotel, Horizonte Hotel Resort and Spa, will have all the amenities that go with a resort, swimming pools, tennis courts, horseback riding, mountain biking and four wheeling through the nature paths to the waterfalls and swimming holes on the Rio Esti; or perhaps just a peaceful hike through the rainforest in the coolness of the evening or just setting under your covered veranda is all you need to enjoy the evening looking out at the pollution free star studded sky while enjoying the peace and tranquility of Bella Vista del Mundo, Chiriqui, Panama!

Please review our website www.bellavistadelmundo.com for more information on this new discovery in the mountains of Chiriqui, Panama. If you want more information please email the undersigned at keharper50@aol.com. Above all, if you are planning to visit Panama or Central America, please put Bella Vista del Mundo on your agenda, you will not regret the trip!

All the best!

Ken E. Harper, President

Playa Chiquita Development Corp., S.A.

Bella Vista Del Mundo

Chiriqui, Republic of Panama

Office:               Panama – 011-507- 777- 4403

Cell:    Panama – 011- 507- 6-597- 4252

Office: USA – 1-713-621-0941

Cell:    USA – 1-713-539-2008

Website: www.bellavistadelmundo.com

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