Hollywood Director Chooses to Live Abroad in New Zealand

: James Cameron Chooses to Live Abroad in New Zealand. Photo credit to screenrant.com

It’s all about having a choice to live wherever you want to live.  And many people of means are making that choice, because they can.

Hollywood director, James Cameron, is buying a working farm in New Zealand where he and his family plan to live indefinitely, according to an application filed with the New Zealand Overseas Investment Office.  Source:  2/1/12 AP Newswire

Cameron, who currently lives in Canada, is well known for directing two of Hollywood’s most successful films “Titanic” and “Avatar.”

Apparently the property he is buying is about a 90-minute drive from Wellington, the location of Weta Digital, winner of an Oscar for the visual affects in Avatar.

It’s rumored that the sequel to Avatar will be filmed in New Zealand.

So, perhaps Cameron is just moving closer to where he’ll be directing the sequel, or perhaps it was in the filming of Avatar that he became so attracted to the country that he decided to make a permanent move.

There could be financial considerations, as well.

Truth is, those who travel have the life experience to make better decisions for their own lives.  Some people are making the move for financial reasons; they can live a better lifestyle, pay less in taxes and live a more meaningful lifestyle elsewhere.

For example, in the first half of last year, over 1,000 Americans decided they would rather renounce their citizenship than deal with the absurdities of the U.S. tax code.   Source:  Tax Code Driving Americans to Renounce Citizenship.

I can’t see myself renouncing my citizenship, but I can see living abroad – as long as I have a choice, and don’t get “stuck” living somewhere I decide I don’t like.

It truly is about choice – and about knowing enough about other places to keep your options open.

Although many people day-dream of living in some exotic location, the litmus test is an extended stay.  That gives talented people like Cameron, entrepreneurs, corporate expats, military personnel, and students a leg-up when it comes to tasting what other countries have to offer.

Too many of us don’t travel enough and stay long enough when we do travel to make any kind of meaningful attachment either to a country or to people of another culture.

The truth is, people are traveling less not only when it comes to crossing national borders, but even out of their own neighborhoods . . . or out of their own circle of friends.

Some of you may remember how families used to take Sunday drives just to explore further away from home.  I know with my grandparents, I traveled for weeks on end.  Vacations at least meant exploring thousands of miles from home.

Too much of what people think they know about other cities and towns comes from the news.  And, as a result, individuals interact less and tend to inflexible in their attitudes about others.  Nothing like traveling to break down myths and shake a person loose from mistaken loyalty to dogma.

So, good for Cameron.  Canada is a magnificent country but so, I’m sure, is New Zealand.  Let Cameron be an example for us to get beyond our provincial habits and go exploring.

The question you want to ask yourself is,do you have a choice?  When it comes right down to it, could you move, and do you know where you would be comfortable living, if you made a decision to do so?  Without options, you’re living a decidedly limited lifestyle.

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About the author: Ilene Little is CEO of Traveling for Health and Retirement.  She writes all of the content for the EscapeArtist Medical Tourism Blog

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  1. fenraven February 10, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    The average American can’t afford to travel, much less move abroad. We are debt slaves, working to pay off the car or house or college loans. I found this article to be less than informative and somewhat offensive.

    If you’re rich, you can do whatever you like. For the rest of us, there is little choice where we live.

    • Chanserb June 12, 2012 at 6:24 pm

      You are right about that. Average americans can only spend their Holidays in their own states and not even think about going abroad. Thank God I don’t live in the USA!

    • Lainer June 13, 2012 at 11:51 am

      I totally agree with the first responder. Getting around the countries, moving abroad, and exploring all of those places is something the rich can do quite easily and without thought. The reason why most people don’t take those Sunday drives anymore is because they are working Sundays. We work more now for less money, due to the economy. People are in fear of losing the jobs they don’t want, but are afraid to leave them because they may not get another to replace it. Also, many families can’t make trips across their own country because they just can’t afford the gad and hotels! It’s not a matter of people not traveling due to lack of desire, it’s the reality of being too broke to go anywhere and running on that job’s hamster wheel longer than the usual 8 hours.

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