Two Important Life Lessons Learned Since Moving Abroad to Belize

SO have you ever just FELT like you were to be somewhere else?

Have you ever FELT like there was something else you were supposed to be doing?

Have you ever FELT that there is something you are missing?

Well, I am Macarena Rose and I resemble all the above!

In 2004 I moved to Belize, leaving my home in St Petersburg, Florida and took my very willing 15 year old daughter with me. We made a plan – we would move for 18 months and return if we did not like it.

So, now it is 2012 and here I am in Belize writing to you to open the window into my journey, in hopes that if you are thinking of throwing your hat over the wall, that you can stay open to the many wonderful surprises that may be in store for you.

My 1st Lesson: Always Look For a Way To Improve the Lives of Others

I quickly found out in Belize, there are no Real Estate laws, and people think they will get a good deal if they work without a Buyer’s Agent. Since my Mom was a Broker since I was a child, I know I needed to seek a REALTOR to work with, which Belize did not have then, they only had Real Estate agents. So I was stuck having to call every agent to get info on properties. With no true MLS system, I started looking for property. I promptly was shown properties, yet the same properties were being offered at several different prices. When I shared this with my friend Daniel who owns a local hotel named Cahal Pech Village Resort in San Ignacio Cayo, he stated “that is what they do here, they give you different prices AND GET TO KEEP THE EXTRA WHEN IT SELLS.”

Thanks to being educated by my mother as to Realtors Code of Ethics, I KNEW this was not what Realtors are allowed to do, this practice is called “Net Listing” or what I call “Gringo Pricing”. When I continued to press Daniel, he says, “listen, this is what they do, and if you do not like it, I will give you my listings for sale, and you show them how to do it differently”. So, okay, I am always up for a challenge and learning something new, and realized that doing real estate in Belize was NOTHING like in the U.S.A.  Challenge accepted.

I did my due diligence and studied for 6 months, met with everyone he considered an expert in Real Estate law and then opened my first office at his resort. Then, with a handful of other committed individuals, we founded the 1st Realtors Association in Belize, and I personally signed the Bi-Lateral agreement with the National Association of REALTORS in Las Vegas in November 2007.

Macarena signing the Bi-Lateral agreement with the National Association of Realtors in Las Vegas

So, lesson learned, and now paying it all forward through and working as a Buyer’s Agent for people looking all over Belize for property, so they have ONE person working and protecting their interests from the right place.

My 2rd Lesson: Expect Miracles

So, I consider myself to be a very spiritual person who follows where I am directed. With that said, nothing could have prepared me for some of the oddities that were bestowed upon me in Belize. I mean I am just your average woman and mother in my eyes, living my life fully present.

I look back over the nine years in wonderment, and can only account that there is magic that happens in Belize. For example, in only 5 months of being in Belize, I was sitting having dinner in a small restaurant, with no patrons other than our table. The odd thing was that I was having dinner with a Political Minister and the Prime Minister of Belize at that time. I was invited to go over some listings for sale, as I had become friends with one of the Ministers, and he kind of had adopted me like a sister. Then 4 months later, I am asked to do the voice-overs for SMART telephone service, so I got to be the voice everyone heard when they made a call in Belize. Then I was asked to host a Television show named “Belize TEVE Biography”, which featured the unsung heroes of Belize. I then fell into the position of coaching the Cayo Avengers, the semi-pro men’s soccer team as they had lost their coach in the middle of the season.  (Did I mention I am just your average woman?)

Macarena filming for House Hunter’s International – back when living in the US, she could have never expected that she would be doing these things!

Then I am asked to do House Hunters Television show for HGTV in Belize, FOUR different shows! Then asked to be an International Radio host of Belize Talk Radio for

So, I can tell you there is something in the water here- the fact that my office is surrounded by Mayan Temples I am sure has a lot to do with it!!!!

So, I learned to expect miracles in Belize, and you should to!

So, I here was just a bit of my story. There are so many. As I say “Belize is not for everyone, but it IS everything to some people!”  If you would like to stay informed on all Belize news and articles, or would like to contact Macarena directly, please opt-in here:


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    • Barbara Leraned November 23, 2013 at 4:14 pm

      Would love to get the report on Belize. I have been considering a move for about a year.

  2. Douglas Martin June 15, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    Have wanted to move to Belize for years. Just don’t know how I would make a living. I don’t have any savings.

  3. Tom Snyder July 30, 2012 at 9:39 pm

    I am considering relocating to Belize in the next year or so. I have lived in Las Vegas 4 months now, and prior to that, nearly 2 years in Chapala, Mexico. Anything related to Belize would be welcome reading material.

    After spending 30+ years as a either a Realtor or Mortgage Loan Officer, I can appreciate Macarena’s huge task of learning real estate principles and laws, according to the National Assoc of Realtors, then applying those in Belize. Her article was very interesting.

    Thank you,

    Tom Snyder

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