“Freeganism” Obama Dumpster Diving By Choice

A Bad Economy and the High Cost of Food Means Tough Times Ahead…

My name is Tom, and I am part of the Escapeartist Team. You don’t need me to tell you that these troubled economic times have forced many people to cut back on activities such as dining out and weekend vacations.

But did you know it has gotten so bad for some that they are actually searching for food in dumpsters and trash cans?

Believe it or not, it’s true. Recent news reports and articles in papers such as the New York Times have reported on the hard times, with factual accounts and news footage of residents living in Spain that are choosing to find their meals in the trash.

It’s a terrible sight to see, but these once proud people have suffered heavily from economic woes, and there are no signs of a recovery in the near future.

Spain has tried to rectify the situation, but it seems as if things are only growing worse. Even working families are running out of the money needed to make ends meet, and so many have had to resort to these drastic measures in order to feed themselves.

This has happened before, in many other countries, and still goes on today for many in America. Those people you see searching for food in the trash aren’t just homeless people—some of them have jobs and families just like you—they just can’t make ends meet anymore.

Before you think it could never happen to you, realize that the economy doesn’t seem to be getting any better…

…and with many other countries also having bad troubles with their own economy, things might get even worse in the months to come, maybe even for years.

(Still can’t believe it? Click right here to see the proof. You might be alarmed by what you read, but there is information that can also provide you with important tips on how you can take steps to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.)

“Freeganism” – Dumpster Diving By Choice

Before I tell you more about how you can protect yourself, I need you to understand some more of the facts.

We aren’t talking here about people who choose to dumpster dive as a lifestyle.

There are actually two types of people who look through dumpsters for food; those who have no choice, and those who do it BY CHOICE.

In America, there are those who call themselves “freegans,” and they’ve made the conscious choice to find their meals in the trash, even making it sort of a growing trend.

There are a few reasons the “freegans” have chosen to do this. Some do it because they feel they are helping the environment by recycling old trash and not contributing any new trash.

Other “freegans” have chosen this lifestyle for political purposes, and feel that by doing so they are protesting against a consumer-obsessed culture.

And then some “freegans” do it simply because it saves them a significant amount of money.

With the rising costs of food and other items we use on a daily basis in the home in order to live comfortably, one cannot deny that dumpster diving can save you lots of money.

In fact, even President Obama and his wife have engaged in the dumpster diving trend. A recent speech by Michele Obama revealed that when they were first married and living in an apartment, they retrieved a discarded coffee table from a dumpster, which served as their sole item of furniture. Can you believe it? President Obama was once a dumpster diver!

So the phenomenon isn’t as crazy as you think, and it isn’t likely to fade away either, not with the way the economy is.

In fact, it has been predicted that soon thousands will join the growing ranks of dumpster divers—even those that never thought they would do so will get on boots and gloves and hop into a dumpster filled with trash, looking for anything they can use, from food to furniture to household items.

But the above statement makes it sound s though people will be doing it for fun and by choice.

Unfortunately that isn’t the case.

These thousands that thought they would never engage in dumpster iving will be doing because they actually have no choice

Freeganism Without Choice

The residents of Spain blame the government and the high unemployment rate for the problems they are facing.

The rate has risen as high as 50% for young adults, according to the New York Times.

The overall unemployment rate is a scary high 23%.

So what are these people to do? If they want to be able to feed themselves and avoid starvation, they must resort to dumpster diving. They have no choice…

If They Want To Survive

Many supermarkets in one city in Spain have taken to locking their dumpsters so that  people cannot get a them.

The idea of putting the locks on the dumpsters was suggested by city official Eduardo Berloso. Some say he did it simply to spite the poor citizens who needed to find food.

The city official claims it was done for health reasons.

He is quoted as saying, “It’s against the dignity of these people to have to look for food in this manner.”

Dignity or not, health is more important, and what the city official doesn’t understand is that these people aren’t going to be healthy if they can’t eat.

Meanwhile, the government in Spain will be attempting to put in place additional measures designed to stop over spending and help them to better balance the budget.

A speech was given by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajo, in which he is quoted as saying, “These measures are not pleasant, but they are necessary. Our public spending exceeds our income by tens of billions of euros.”

While the measures might in fact be necessary, they are still hurting the poor people of Spain greatly.

Some of the measures that have hurt the people even more are cuts in their unemployment benefits and higher sales taxes. In fact, the tax rate has reached 21%!

The raised taxes have affected food prices, which is something the poor in Spain definitely cannot afford to go any higher.

The Reactions Have Been Angry and Violent

All these measure that have continued to hurt the people of Spain have resulted in anger, distress, protests, and even mobs that have taken to the streets and attacked police.

In response to the mobs, police retaliated and attempted to disperse the crowds with rubber bullets. The mob fought back by throwing all types of objects at the police, including rocks and firecrackers.

There was a short period where things quieted down, but that was just the calm before the storm.

On September 24th, a mob consisting of 6,000 angry Spanish citizens marched down the streets of Madrid, and protested in front of Spanish Parliament.

The protest soon turned violent, and the police were needed to disperse the crowd once again with rubber bullets. Some say some of the protesters were also beaten back.

Once again, some of the protestors became violent. News reports indicate that police beat back demonstrators with batons and fired rubber bullets on the crowd.

There is Worse on the Horizon

Some say that there is still plenty worse to come.

Charities who feed the poor and homeless have reported that the amount of meals they typically serve has increased greatly over a period of 4 years. Studies also show that the poverty rate in Spain is about 22%.

The numbers are expected to get worse as the economy also worsens.

This isn’t only happening in Spain.

There have been troubles in Greece for quite some, and many other nations in the EU might soon find things growing steadily worse.

When that happens, there will likely be thousands upon thousands of more people resorting to dumpster diving.

Think that’s as bad as it’s going to get? Think again…

The Price of Food is Still Rising

With a recent drought this year affecting many crops in the United States, the cost of food will keep rising. This will affect food prices in many other countries as well.

Rabobank, an investment bank, has released a report that claims farmers worldwide are slaughtering large amounts of their livestock. Why are they doing this?

Because the farmers can no longer afford to feed the animals.

After the initial extra supply of meat in grocery stores runs out, prices on meat products will get much higher as well.

According to The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, food prices are expected to rise by an estimated 14.1% as quickly as the summer of 2013. This rise will far exceed the rise in salaries and benefits received by the people.

So what will the people do when their income isn’t enough to meet their expenses?

That’s right. The difficult but necessary choice of dumpster diving.

Make Sure You Don’t Have to Resort to Freeganism

Although we’d like to, we know that Escapeartist simply isn’t able to find a solution for all the world’s financial difficulties.

But we can help the people help themselves. By giving you useful information, and providing you with the means to acquire much needed resources, we can help you make it through these tough times.

Think it’s too late? Think we’re offering empty promises? Think you don’t have enough money to do anything?

Think again.

Don’t make excuses when your life, and the lives of your family, are at stake.

You can make the right choice now…

…you can use what little you have left to rebuild and re-grow your wealth…

…and you can save yourself from a terrible fate…

…so long as you realize that you aren’t doing this just for the now, but also for a better future.

Just because you can’t do anything to change the government austerity measures, and just because you can’t do anything to make food prices lower and wages higher…

Doesn’t mean you can’t do anything for yourself.

Now is the time to act. We give you all the information you need to make the right choices and change your life for the better.

We have faith and confidence in you.

We’ll be happy to help you if you need it.

Join the Elevation Group Today

(We’re waiting to meet you).

Your Partner In Prosperity,

The Escapeartist Research Team

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  1. lovieee November 15, 2012 at 6:36 pm

    There was a choice made in the recent election….unfortunately by the masses uneducated, influenced to vote by the left for what motive ??? destroy America ?… power ??? more likely….what they have done is destroy this prosperous nation of freedom ,to work hard and get a head even make a fortune with respect for making it, not ridiculed for becoming ‘rich’…We lost the chance of having a great gentleman, brilliant in finance, to restore this country to success, jobs, and financial balance..
    A sad day in truth for America….

    • dobe November 16, 2012 at 9:47 pm

      sore loser much?

    • Alan Graham November 17, 2012 at 10:22 am

      I strongly disagree with your viewpoint! I voted for President Obama, I have a degree from New York University and am rather well educated, contrary to your claim that people who voted for Obama are uneducated. Your totally ungrammatical, poorly structured comment does not reflect well on your education.

      I believe that a Romney, Republican administration would have taken America down the wrong economic and social path, where the rich are given undeserved tax breaks through their influence on politicians while the middle class are left with the financial burden of keeping the nation afloat.

      Your calling people who voted for Obama “uneducated” is a sign of arrogance, and possible racism. Perhaps you think that only your opinion represents the American way. If that is truly how you think, then you don’t seem to believe in democracy or the right of others to have an opinion that differs from yours. The people have spoken so, as Barbara Bush has recently stated, “Get over it.”

      • Vuil Uil November 21, 2012 at 4:16 pm

        Of course, you voted for Obama. You were indoctrinated by a left wing university and so think that free enterprise is somehow bad. As you are probably aware university staff – who, let’s face it, don’t really have proper jobs gave overwhelmingly to the Dems.

        As is well known American universities push diversity in all things, except opinion. Try and get a university job with right wing credentials. Not a chance.

        But ask yourself why America is the laughing stock of the world. (I am not American and would not take American citizenship if you paid me.) In earlier times it was respected and everyone wanted to go to America. No longer. I know Americans who have actually renounced their citizenship.

        America used to be for free enterprise and lack of governmental control, but now it foolishly treads the long road to European socialism oblivious of the European socialist failure. Banging, as it goes, the drum of the Politics of Envy.

        I travel extensively and now in educated circles businessmen and even (yes) academics smile knowingly when one talk about the fall of the US.

        Now let’s look at your silly assertion that the Republicans caused the financial debacle. Another example of lack of understanding of the situation. In the 1990s Clinton pushed the Community Reinvestment Act that put pressure on banks to lend to people who really were not credit worthy – the beginning of the sub-prime fiasco. Indeed banks who were reluctant to lend were accused of racism and even fined. And ACORN came into being to pressure financial institutions.

        Get that into your think pompous head. You voted for Obama, well good for you, but remember that the Dems instigated the financial mess – another form of the “Road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

        Perhaps the singular achievement of the Obama administration is persuading people – the liberal under educated – that business, not politicians was the cause of the financial problems.

        Now for the zinger: if I could vote I too would have voted for Obama. America needs to be cleansed of its socialist leanings. Another four years of high unemployment, ridiculous debts verging on bankruptcy. invading Mexican peasants and general mismanagement plus a nuclear Iran able to reach America should provide give some perspective to people like you.

        Meanwhile in Asia we get richer.

        PS. Don’t insult me. If you are not careful I’ll zip over to the US and buy your house or condo with some spare change then I’ll evict you and you can go and live with the landscapers. :)

        • DJ December 30, 2012 at 2:28 pm

          How funny, Asia prospered due to the generosity of the US! Even though US has declined considerably, one of the reasons was due to the foolish investment in Asia. If US completely falls so does Asia. Asia are only producers not innovators! Your power only lies in how much other countries invent things that you can produce in your sweat shops. In addition, the best country in the world to live is not in Asia it is in Europe. Asia still has a long way to go; however, I think Asia will continue to rise.

    • michael passe November 17, 2012 at 3:18 pm

      Yes, there WAS a choice made by voters, and thank you to the last writer for the hearty laugh about our rejecting a “great gentleman, brilliant in finance.” Yup, finance is easy for the robber barons and their apologists.. Some people look at the conditions described in this article and realize how critical it is to stand up to the brutality of corporate cut-throat capitalism, the de-regulation and mass privatization policies that have made the rich and powerful much more rich and powerful while hundreds and hundreds of thousands of jobs are lost, the poor have grown poorer and more desperate, and working people increasingly need two or even three jobs just to make ends meet. These are FACTS, not weird delusions about the non-existent political left in rightist America. Voters may not have been sold on the overly-cautious Obama, but many voted against the “great gentleman,” against the hateful viciousness and divisiveness of the rightist propaganda machine that dominates American radio and television, and rejected the bizarre, nonsensical paranoid ramblings of the right (such as those above). Of course in America, a vote for a center-Right Democrat such as Obama IS a vote for the, ahem, “left,” but in the rest of the world the painfully centrist Obama would be seen as a very business friendly moderate.

      The sad thing about this article is that it makes one wonder whether “escape from America” is even possible any more. American-style cut-throat capitalism has spread like a cancer through the developing world, just like everybody’s favorite whipping boy Karl Marx predicted it would, as corporate greed has spilled over national borders in the form of global monstrosities that exploit workers on a massive scale, happily pollute the air and water, and enrich themselves while pumping nothing back into the countries they exploit. EFAM has become, in general, a mouthpiece for the cut-throat capitalists that are looking for a way to hide their lofty portfolios from the IRS. What a shame. EFAM could have been something to help everyday people try to get away from this hellish country that loves war, money and police power more than it cares about human beings. Instead, it’s just another resource for tax dodgers and wealthy speculators.

  2. marg November 17, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    Voter fraud I believe highly possible. Ballot machines manufactured by Soros financed company. People reporting they voted for Romney – and it came up as Obama. I believe we have been scammed. Polls taken prior to election were taken with a heavily weighted democrat (socialist) side…..and still the polls indicated close.
    “The best is yet to come.” A threat from Barry Sorotos Hussein Obama that I believe he does intend on keeping.
    Yes, November 7, 2012 is National Sadness Day for the United States of America.
    May we see her resurrection as a freedom loving nation – one nation under God – yet in our lifetime when enough people realize that “free” has runout. The ants have stopped working, too.

  3. Dave November 20, 2012 at 6:28 am

    Both Democratic and Republican politicians have heavily contributed to America’s woes and very few voters seem willing to embrace anything else so until we actually vote for real change I’m afraid that poverty is in our future.

  4. Darrell March 17, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    The sad part is that many large food companies have rules against low paid employees taking home leftovers and literally 100’s of plates of good food is dumped in dumpsters at each event or on a daily basis. Many places have laws against dumpster diving and many larger dumpsters are locked up compactors. Many low income voters really do not understand the problem with voting for help for them selves is that it will just raise the cost of living as the taxes government collects from corporations and business owners is just past on to consumers as a cost of doing business.

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