Buying Beachfront Property in Mexico: Still Affordable, Still Available

Buying Beachfront Property in Mexico; Still Affordable, Still Available

There is good news for Americans, Canadians, and foreigners considering buying beachfront property in Mexico — Mexico real estate listing for sale on excellent beachfront is still available for very accessible prices.  Many soon-to-be retirees are looking for a warmer climate to make up for too many cold winters; of course, if it could be on the beachfront, even better.  But when many of these soon to be retirees consider their possibilities, the prospects at first may look low.  Living in a warm climate in popular U.S. retirement destinations, such as Florida or Arizona, ends up costing a fortune, both in property prices and in the cost of living.  The next logical step is to look south of the boarder; buying beachfront property in Mexico provides an ideal balance between still being relatively close to home, having access to top-notch infrastructure and services, but avoiding the high prices of back home.

But after taking a skim over the surface of listings in Mexico, the question arises; is there really still cheap Mexico oceanfront real estate?  The beauty, rich culture, convenience and many benefits of living in Mexico have already attracted many North Americans and Europeans, and the high end luxury market is thriving here.  Beachfront villas in Mexico’s most desired locations can run into the millions; while these prices are still considerably lower than similar properties in the U.S. or Europe, the prices leave many of us scratching our heads, and thinking maybe we’re better off just putting up with cold winters in a grey climate back home.

A more thorough search of Mexico’s real estate market, however, will show that there are excellent options available for much smaller budgets.  Imagine this; an oceanfront lot on a wide, white, sandy beach, just down the road from Mexico’s ancient ruins, beautiful colonial cities and luxury beachfront resorts with many exciting activities – all of this for less than $60,000 US, with all services and hook ups ready, and a building permit.  It may sound unbelievable at first, but this is a real, feasible option in Mexico.

Mexico is much closer to home than beachfront options in other countries, with direct flights from a growing number of international airports in Mexico to most U.S. and Canadian cities, usually between 2 to 5 hours.  Super-deals on flights with stop-overs are also available, making a trip from Cancun to Toronto cheaper than a trip from Toronto to Phoenix, for example.  Mexico’s beachfront retirement communities also have excellent infrastructure – roads, health care, etc, shopping at large international and Mexican stores, as well as many smaller local shops that offer shopping bargains for residents.  There is also a significant community of North Americans (even in the areas where more affordable beachfront can be found), who have already made the choice to live in Mexico, and live in a comfortable, welcoming relationship with the Mexican nationals.

Where, then, are these hidden gems of beachfront lots in Mexico?  While an experienced Mexico real estate broker is essential to help you find the property type right for their budget and needs in many different locations throughout Mexico, the following are a few examples which reflect the broader range of possibilities. (If you are interesting in buying beachfront property in Mexico please contact our Mexico real estate buyer’s agent.)


A real hidden gem in terms of beachfront real estate can be found in the state of Campeche.  Campeche makes up the western half of the Yucatan Peninsula, sharing it with the states of Yucatan in the north, were you can find the colonial city of Merida and many Mayan pyramid sites, including the world famous Chichen Itza, and with Quintana Roo in the east, the state which is home to Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum which are known as the Mayan Riviera real estate market.  Campeche real estate is currently being discovered, and is less known, compared to the famous areas around Cancun.  But the possibilities are growing quickly, and it already offers a growing number of resort communities, several beautiful cities, such as the clean and safe colonial city of Campeche (the state capital), and its own Mayan pyramid sites – again less well-known, but no less beautiful, and in a way more mysterious because of the feeling that you are visiting an ancient secret still undiscovered by most of the world.

While the area certainly does not offer less, the fact that it is still up-and-coming means that some extraordinary deals can be found on virtually virgin beachfront.  Near a quaint, little fishing village on wide, white, soft beaches, called Sabancuy, there are a set of beachfront lots for sale that will inspire awe.  The lots are very spacious, about 66 feet of beachfront width with a depth of about 1320 yards, reaching back to a lagoon on the other end.  Electricity, water, phone and internet connections will be available (100% guaranteed), along with deeds and a building permit, making for a safe purchase with investment and living interests well protected.  Similar lots in other areas generally start at $200,000 US, if they are really cheap.  In this particular case, the lots are available starting less than $60,000.  A home can be built in this area for $70-80 per square foot, meaning a reasonable home can added for another $160,000.

One Canadian, who bought one of these lots in July of 2009, was so excited about the lot, the trip to Mexico and his experience with the area’s culture, that he wrote a 17 page travel log about it.  His first reaction to finding out was complete surprise; “For the price of a small Lexus,” he observed with excitement, “I can have a 20m wide lot on white sandy beaches and warm turquoise water. Can you say…’Our dream come true?’ ”

Opportunities like this one are a great chance for soon-to-be retirees, real estate investors, or any other buyers looking for the beautiful beachfront home of their dreams at a very accessible price.  The lifestyle offered by the area is top notch.

The city of Campeche, about 45 minutes away, has a unique charm to it.  The same Canadian was awe-inspired by the “massive 18th‐century stone walls and bulwarks that enclose 40 square blocks of pure colonial charm.”  He goes on to note that “within those walls lie street after street of gaily painted facades, austere churches and cathedrals, and a graceful town square, complete with gazebo – just begging for a stroll.”

Ciudad del Carmen is also only 35 minutes away.  Both cities include many services and amenities, as well as international airports, to make for easy access to back home.  The Campeche Playa Golf Marina and Golf Course resort is a fifteen minute drive away, and includes a top-notch modern hospital, a large marina, and a Jack Nicklaus golf course.  Activities include scuba diving, sport fishing, and wildlife reserves, for those who love nature, as well as museums and other outings.

When the Canadian buyer went to visit the lots, he found some American and Canadian neighbors, already there, planning their new beachfront dream home.  Among the current buyers, many are North Americans, and new residents will certainly enjoy the company of neighbors from back home.

Puerto Escondido

For an example in buying beachfront property in Mexico on the Pacific Coast, in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca there is currently one oceanfront development with both beachfront and lagoon lots available, starting at under $50,000 US.  Of the almost 180 lots available in the development, about 120 include beachfront.  Even the lots off the beach are only a very short walk from the ocean, and present excellent investment opportunities; some houses that have been built on these lots are currently re-selling for over $250,000 US.  There are possible plans in this development for a shopping area, golf course, basketball, tennis and soccer areas.

The beaches in Puerto Escondido, including the one at the lots mentioned above, have soft sand, very pleasant to walk on, or for relaxing, with a sparkling blue ocean behind them.  Lots such as these can be found less than a ten minute drive from Puerto Escondido, which includes many activities, such as fishing, surfing, dolphin and whale watching and skydiving, as well as many restaurants and bars.  There is also a supermarket with a large variety of day to day products, and a bi-weekly market with fresh, local fruits, vegetables, sea food and many other food items.  Less than an hour south is Huatulco, where there are many additional shopping options, as well as an international airport, offering flights to numerous destinations throughout North America.


Another example of affordable beachfront lots can be found the up and coming community of Tulum, about an hour away from Cancun, at the end of the stretch known as the Riviera Maya.  Tulum real estate currently has many land purchase opportunities.  One of these is in a beachfront development next to the quaint, nearby village of Chemuyil.  The development started as government project, but when they failed to sell the properties, a private company bought them, and sold them to mostly North American buyers, again starting under $60,000 US (with the original price at under $40,000 in 2007). While they are now mostly sold, they reflect the possibility of affordable properties directly on the beachfront in the Tulum area.

One of the benefits of living in the Tulum area is an excellent blend of beachfront lifestyle and culture.  Tulum’s beaches are something unique. While there are many beautiful beaches in the world, there are very few that can boast an ancient pyramid site directly overlooking the beach; a site consistently chosen as one of the most beautiful in the world is that of the main pyramid at Tulum.   After an intriguing visit to the Mayan ruins, visitors can walk down a set of stairs directly to a soft white beach. Tulum is next door to the many attractions of the Riviera Maya, including the eco-parks rich in culture and nature, world class golf courses and numerous beautiful “cenotes,” which are pools at the access points to an underground cave and river network.  There are also many cultural events in Playa del Carmen (only 30 minutes away) and Cancun, such as film and jazz festivals, and special celebrations for Mexican holidays, such as “The Day of the Dead” – a more cultural version of Halloween.

Tulum is also only a bit more than an hour away from Cancun’s International Airport, making for easy access to daily flights back home.  Also, as a growing community with a strong international presence, there are plans currently underway to build another international airport only 8 miles from Tulum.  As Tulum continues to grow as a tourist destination, more events and services will become available directly in town.

Yucatan’s Emerald Coast

There are also possibilities in the Yucatan Real Estate area, on the north shore of the peninsula.  In an area known as “Costa Esmeralda” or Emerald Coast, one couple found an excellent deal on a beachfront home near the village of Santa Clara – about an hour away from the beautiful, colonial city of Merida, and a bit more than 2 hours away from Cancun.

“We found a 1200 sq ft house with 21 meters of beach front in Santa Clara,” commented the buyer.  “We were able to negotiate a purchase price for 680,000 pesos [about $54,000 US]. The house is a new construction, unfinished but dried in with basic electricity and water and a good septic system in place.”

This particular couple has about 7 years before retirement to prepare the house, and can now enjoy the peace of mind of already owning their dream property in an ideal location.

As mentioned, these are only a few of examples to show that affordable beachfront exists in many parts of Mexico.  A dream beachfront home for retirement, vacations or for excellent investment possibilities is within reach of a budget much lower than most people would imagine.  Each of these examples is important because they are affordable; but it also a key point that they are safe investments of a buyer’s money with appropriate services and documents in place.

To further explore the possibilities of affordable beachfront in Mexico, that will offer security in the purchase and building process, a buyer should contact a reliable, experienced Mexico beachfront real estate agent, such as Alex Martinez of EscapeArtist Real Estate.

Please contact Alex here to you help buying beachfront property in Mexico.

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  4. Jim Mann February 23, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    How do we get listed with your company. If you go to google or yahoo and type in real estate Merida Yucatan, we are ususally number one. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks so much for your time and help.

  5. Charles February 24, 2010 at 1:19 am

    Is Mexico safe. With all that is heard realtive to the drug cartels?

    • Thomas Lloyd March 3, 2010 at 9:32 am

      Yes, in general yes. Many of the stories you hear through the news channels are stories concentrated on a handful of cities. And within these cities in specific neighborhoods. The Mexican govt. has been putting incredible efforts in protecting tourism and in protecting the ever increasing second home and winter retirement home markets. These two industries are Mexico’s future. Yesterday when I was with some people from Chicago who were home shopping here in the Riviera Maya, my lady visitor made the comment that she had seen police mounted on horses, police on bicycles, on the little four wheeler electric carts and everyone smiling. “I have never felt safer before in my life”. You will find this type of attention in most of the cities popular to foreign visitors. Thanks for writing Charles!

  6. Tony August 16, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    At this moment a broker in the Dominican Republic but have been several times now in Mexico and think of relocating.

    What do you think, is it better to open your own office there or start working with another settled company. I have around 7 years experience now.

    No problem to invest some money to start up a new business, but i do not know if there is space.

  7. Chad St. Paul August 23, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    Mexico is an excellent and affordable retirement option, especially for those with families close to the border.

  8. anne November 22, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    beach front in the yucatan is still affordable and peaceful

  9. alex June 8, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    The Dominican Republic has become one of the best Caribbean island destinations for retirement, and the North coast has a large population of expats from all over the world. Most residential communities offer property management services and also rental service, and Dominicans are very friendly, helpful people.

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