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Overseas Radio Network Goes On-Air with Escapeartist

On January 2, 2012 Overseas Radio launched the Overseas Radio Network, the exclusive online radio station created by expats for the expatriate community.  Overseas Radio Network has partnered with some of the most experienced and well-respected leaders in the expatriate industry.  The ORN team brings their listening audience quality audio content regarding living, investing and retiring overseas.  This group of experts covers topics ranging from real estate and global asset protection, to food and entertainment as well as adjusting to a new culture.

Their hosts currently broadcast from Panama to Paris; and can be heard on the air 24 hours per day, 7 days per week exclusively on the internet.  Their line-up of personalities includes doctors, lawyers, top real estate agents, and expert travelers from across the globe.  You will not find a group of individuals in one place quite like this anywhere but Overseas Radio Network.  ORN has been created to help their audience make educated decisions about picking up their lives and moving abroad.

Over the last 20 years, print media has done a great job for people who are passionate about international living, but they want to do more. They are thrilled to be the first and only online radio station for expats, would-be expats, and the sovereign minded.   This revolutionary concept gives their listeners direct access to our experts live on the air.

Overseas Radio Network Hosts

Overseas Radio has gathered some of the top experts in expatriation matters such as relocation, real estate, foreign investment, second citizenship, offshore banking, international law, retirement, and more.

This global network of show hosts offers invaluable information.  With live, call-in radio shows to assist rapidly growing global market of current or soon-to-be expats.

Each host has been hand-picked for their expertise, experience, and reputations in the international expat community.  Every host on the Overseas Radio Network offers a special set of skills to assist in nearly every imaginable need of our listeners.  What’s more, their experience brings our listening audience the opportunity to learn first-hand of what they might need to know prior to expatriation, and have not yet considered.

The unique market position of Overseas Radio is further enhanced by providing listeners access to free, real-time advice from our hosts as they present their shows live, on-air.  Our toll-free number gives our audience the opportunity to speak directly with our hosts, and the guests brought on to their programs as experts in their respective fields.

Overseas Radio Is Growing!

If you have a radio show idea or are interested in becoming a host and sharing your passion, please fill out the following online form and submit your proposal with the show concept.  Do you have the voice that will be heard around the world in the international community – are you ready to talk?  Let’s talk radio!